Red Button Ginger

This magnificent type of Ginger is very easy to grow and flower most of the year.

The clumps will grow to about 4 feet on average.
Filtered light is ideal, although I have seen beautiful plants growing in full sun and even in total shade.
Watering is average. A little moist during the warm weather and a little drier during the cold weather. Avoid if possible getting the foliage wet when watering.
Fertilization is also average with more during the warm weather and very little during the winter.
Temperatures has a lot to do with flowering. The plant can withstand a light frost for short periods of time but will stop blooming and won't look very good.
If the plant can be kept above 50° all the time, most likely it will keep blooming continuously.
The yellow flowers that emerge from the red cones are edible.
The Red Button Costus is an excellent choice for landscapers in the south, and a very beautiful potted plant for gardeners everywhere.

FAMILY : Zingiberaceae
ORIGIN : Hispaniola
4 feet on average
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : shade/ partial sun
low 30°s
most of the year

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cgoldenc said...

This is a beautiful plant, how do you prune or cut it back? I guess I'm unsure of where to make the cut. Thanks for any advice. Lynn

Claudia said...


These make fantastic cut flowers that stay fresh in a vase up to 21 days.
Cut them back to about 4"-5" above the ground. New growth will show in the spring. If you expect a hard freeze be sure to cover the area with leafes or an old sheet, so that the rhizomes wont freeze.

If you want to control the plant from spreading, dig up the outer rizomes - or plant the whole plant into a large pot and burry it with the pot..
Hope this helped