Color Changing Double Confederate Rose Hibiscus mutabilis versicolor

Hibiscus mutabilis versicolor - A beauty with many names, the two most common names being Confederate Rose Hibiscus or Dixie Rose Mallow. Cotton Rose Hibiscus is another .This rare heirloom has long been a popular favorite among Southern gardeners! Clusters of 4-6" fully double, bright pink, peony-like flowers are born in late summer and into fall. Starting off white, they change to a light pink then dark pink as the day goes on. You can, at times, have all three colors on your bush at once which is really an awesome sight! It is a large deciduous shrub in mild climates or a vigorous perennial in the colder portions of its range. Tough, easy, and reliable! Full sun, Part sun, Part shade. Tolerant of poor soils. Zone 7-10.

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Peony Hibiscus, Dixie rose mallow, rose confédérée, caprice de femme, cotton rosemallow, Cotton Rose Mallow, Hibiscus immutabilis.


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