Blushing Bride Flower!

I am ready to grow my first Serruria from seed. Fresh seeds arrived and off  I go mixing soil according to instructions. This time it's required to sterilize the soil. How can you sterilize soil - There is the microwave method or you can pour boiling water over it several times.

This gorgeous South African member of the Proteaceae family reputedly derived its common name of “blushing bride” around 100 years ago when young men wore the flowers in their button holes when out courting in South Africa, the natural habitat to this lovely flower. 


The rare Serruria florida is a highly desirable small shrub which grows a 4 ft high and wide. The foliage is feathery and hairy.

Because of this ability to trap any available moisture, Serrurias are very tolerant of dry soil conditions.

To grow Serruria successfully, their main requirements are freedom from all but light frosts,full sun and perfectly drained soil.

Blushing Bride flowers in Spring producing soft, papery white bracts or floral leaves, surrounding feathery tufts of white to pinkish flowers. The blooms are either a white/creamy color with a delicate blush of pink, or an all-over rose pink color. They are in high demand for floral work, especially wedding bouquets and normally command a high price.

Blushing Bride Seeds

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