Drooling over Hibiscus schizopetalus

This striking flower is an original species of Hibiscus. It is frequently used as a parent in the modern hybrids. It forms an arching shrub or small tree and produces flowers throughout the summer.

Hibiscus schizopetalus is a weeping tree hibiscus from Tropical E Africa . Grows rapidly and blooms freely. Hanging pink or red/coral colored flowers have 21/2 inch petals that curve up, with many deep lacy lobes, giving a beautiful effect. This fast growing shrub reaches 6-8 feet with a spread of 5-6 feet. Flowers sporadically year-round in greenhouse or in tropics, or during warm season elsewhere.

Can be grown as hanging basket plants and treated as an annual.

Grow in part shade and intermediate to warm temperatures. 2 parts peat moss to 2 parts loam to 1 part sand or perlite has been a successful potting medium. Do not allow to dry out, keep plant moist at all times. Give a monthly balanced fertilizer at ½ the strength recommended on the label.

Prune often to keep a desired form. Pruning often to give and keep shape, as well as encourage blooms which form on new wood.

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Canarina - Canary Bell Flower

Spring has arrived and we are in full gear removing the killed plants (RIP). 

The herb garden is ready and contains Basil, Dill, Stevia, Chives, hot Peppers and Tomatoes.

Off we go hunting for new and unusual things.
Amongst fresh planted Quisqualis, Garlic Vine and I just bought seeds of this rare beauty!
Canarina canariensis (Canary Bellflower)- a winter grower.

Canary Bellflower is a beautiful herbaceous climbing perennial with bluish green leaves, slightly succulent stems and a tuberous root. Makes showy, large bell shaped bright orange to orange red pendulous flowers followed by astonishingly large, edible (!), walnut sized, bright orange yellow fruits. Keep dry as soon as plants go dormant at higher temperatures in summer. Start to water again as soon as new growth appears in autumn. Requires a climbing aid and is mainly winter-growing.

Seeds found here:

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