This Months Celebrity Gardener

This months celebrity gardener is Australia's silver screen princess Nicole Kidman. We caught up with her this week to dig more into her gardening hobby.

Garden Dirt: You're a big fan of gardening and have gardened supposedly since childhood. Can you give us any tips that you've learnt along the way?

Garden Dirt: Oh...okay. How many plants do you think you've successfully raised since you began gardening?

Garden Dirt: Right! You've done some amazing things for human rights, animal rights and have even taken up the environment cause. Do you turn your garden and household waste into compost?

Garden Dirt: Well...I'm expecting that you don't mind getting your hands dirty in the garden...

Garden Dirt: Thanks Nicole for the scintillating conversation. I appreciate your candid spirit and look forward with eager anticipation for your forthcoming gardening book. No doubt it will be a best seller.

This interview was purely fictitious and was not in any way aimed at ruining this celebrity's status as a gardener.

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